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Frequently Asked Questions

Our guest posting service allows you to be truly hands-off. From initial competitive analysis to linking strategy to outreach and to content development, we have you covered.

We are a full-service SEO provider, depending on your custom monthly SEO package, we provide you with a full range of SEO services, with Guest Posts included.

We guarantee DA 30+ as a minimum for all of our guest posts. However, we can get guest posts in DA 90+.

Our SEO services are custom to you, we will determine the best link building strategy for your brand with you.

Google is against all forms of linkbuilding. However, recently Google has taken a stance of not penalizing links as heavily unless they are blatantly spam. More risky linkbuilding tactics would be through measures that are down right unethical or PBNs with footprints.

With that understanding, we still go through great lengths with proprietary processes and procedures to ensure high-quality, relevant links, built in an authentic manner and at an appropriate velocity.

Our guest post links not only pass on authority and relevancy but often improve brand awareness by getting in front of real traffic who would be interested in your brand. Our linkbuilding strategies often not only improve rankings but directly build referral traffic to your site.

Yes. The majority of our service comes from managed SEO campaigns, this is the only way we can ensure an effective and well-rounded SEO strategy. However, we can fulfill one-off orders or go on a monthly guest posting only plan. Please get in touch with us regarding your requirements.

The content will be designed to be educational, informative or entertaining in nature.

For guest posts, the content will not be promotional for you brand. The link to you will be framed as a resource or reference. This type of content is more natural and is widely accepted by publishers, as the content needs to be valuable to their audience.

This is usually dependent on the publisher site's requirements. However, guest posts are almost always at least 500 words. Depending on the content topic and your particular needs the guest posts can be up to several thousand words long. Our SEO strategy will determine what is necessary, cost-efficient, and most effective to help you get results.

We guarantee DA 30 for our guest posts as a minimum. However, we provide a custom solution based on your monthly SEO package and may arrange a custom guarantee for you.

Our guest posting can absolutely be used white label. We partner with several agencies to provide their clients cutting-edge SEO solutions from A to Z.

We also offer special pricing for agencies, so get in touch with us today about your clients' SEO needs.

No. We don't allow approvals of the site, as showing them beforehand would eliminate the integrity in our service. Approving the site or content is not necessary, for many reasons:

  • The content is not positioned to be authored by you/ your brand, so it is not necessarily your voice or opinion. This is equivalent of anyone deciding to write about something online and ultimately linking to your site (we put a lot more thought into the anchor strategy and contextual placement). The content will never position your brand in a bad light.
  • The site where the content is posted will meet our agreed upon guarantees, or a minimum of DA 30. Approval is not needed, as any site could post about whatever they want and they do not need your approval to link to you.
  • In publisher requests and conversations, eliminating approval processes allows  us to move quickly and get your link live.

With our monthly plan solution, you reap the benefits of discounted links. Additionally, if you are an agency or SEO consultant, we do provide special agency pricing.

The links are mostly dofollow, however this is ultimately up to the publisher, so some may be nofollow.

Google still considers nofollow links for passing page rank and authority.

A natural and well balanced link profile would contain a mix of nofollow and dofollow links. In our linkbuilding strategy we will build a healthy amount of both to ensure an effective backlink profile.

Our guest posts will never be ugc or sponsored.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us at any time!

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