College Student Part-Time Freelance Writing

High Pay For Easy Work That Takes No Time

Looking For An Easy Way To Make Some Extra Cash While In School?

The freelance work is to post some content in your university or college’s online blog or forum. We’ll provide you the content, although you may have to write a short introduction paragraph, you post it as contributing author and we’ll pay you per post. You can work from anywhere and on essentially your own time. This is the perfect way to gain some easy extra cash without taking up your time for studying and enjoying your college experience. 

You will need your own computer or laptop (or access to one to complete your work). You will also need to have access to the blog or forum for the University or College you attend. We can provide more details regarding gaining access to your school’s backend platforms to conduct the submission work when you become a freelancer with our company.

If you have any questions about this role, please feel free to ask us in your application expressing interest in the position. 

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